Title '3D Intensive Care. An approach to a liquid ICU '

Author De Mendoza, Diego

Number B-1

Title 'Geriatric mobile team for the management of health crisis and transitional-care: person-centered care to high-need-cost patients with multiple chronic condition'''

Author Nogueras, Carme

Number B-30

Title 'Measuring nursing care quality indicators during the second and thirth wave of Coronavirus in a tertiary level hospital '''

Author Marquez-Lopez, Adrian

Number B-44

Title 'Net promoter score and Servperf scale as Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) at the emergency room '''

Author Santos Bosch, Gemma

Number B-47

Title A multicentric Early Drug Development (mEDD) coordinated program for cancer patients: the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) model.

Author Quiroga, Vanesa

Number C-1

Title A new healthcare model for the management of chronic complex patients: comprehensive complexity support team Dos de Mayo.

Author Casas, Susana

Number B-2

Title A strategy of pharmaceutical care services for hospital out patients under the threat of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Author Chuang, Hui-Chia

Number C-2

Title A systematic literature review into the effects of telehealth interventions on (duration of) hospitalizations

Author Doggen, Carine

Number A-1

Title Adaptation of home care rehabilitation service to developments in society and in the healthcare system, improving efficiency through new technologies

Author Salas, Jordi

Number C-3

Title Adaptation of primary care to the SARS-COV2 pandemic through new technologies in many medical processes

Author Mur, Maria Teresa

Number A-2

Title Adherence evaluation to the recovery process after a total knee arthroplasty intervention using a Tele-rehabilitation platform

Author Nuevo Gayoso, Montse

Number A-3

Title Advanced Practice Nursing Empowerment (APNE) in the context of a monographic third level maternity in child hospital

Author Fajardo Samper, Marta

Number B-3

Title Advanced Therapies and Personalised Medicine Hub: Ecosystem Thinking

Author Marti, Nuria


Title Advancing in the Cataract Surgery Management: introducing a Smart Consignment of intraocular lenses in a Catalan Public Hospital

Author Crespo, Ricard

Number A-4

Title An empirical study on shared decision-making at the macro level and the micro evel: The perspective of value co-creation

Author Yan, Yu Hua

Number C-6

Title Analysis of potentially inappropriate medication prescribed to elderly patients in integrated outpatient care service

Author Shih, Li Chin

Number C-5

Title Antidotes network: a tool for improving access to antidotes and care for intoxicated patients

Author Fernandez de Gamarra, Edurne

Number A-5

Title Apply lean in surgical area to improve patient flow and communication and organize the processes that support the core activity

Author Fabregas, Neus

Number B-4

Title Approaching the risk of delirium in an orthogeriatric unit

Author Sopena, Eugenia

Number C-7

Title Assessing the impact of healthcare accreditation from the perspective of professionals’ in primary healthcare centres: A mixed methods case study from Kuwait

Author Alaradi, Limya

Number C-8

Title Assessment of the awareness, perception, attitudes, and preparedness of healthcare professionals potentially exposed to COVID-19 in the United Arab Emirates

Author Al Mehiri, Noor

Number B-5

Title Assessment patient safety culture in surgical area

Author Banús, Marta

Number B-6

Title Automated drug dispensing system increases medication safety at our hospital

Author Fernández Maldonado, Gemma

Number A-6

Title Awal Bros Batam Hospital responses to the COVID-19 pandemic using a risk management model

Author Yuliani, Putri

Number A-7

Title Beliefs, attitudes and behavior on evidence-based nursing

Author Mas Dalmau, Gemma

Number C-9

Title Benefits from a comprehensiVe healthcare plan for adults with down syndrome

Author Gil, Eva

Number C-10

Title Biomanufacturing: All the pieces in place for healthcare preparedness

Author Daban, Montserrat

Number C-11

Title Boosting the surgical process performance at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital

Author Almar, Adrià

Number A-8

Title Budget impact of replacing hospital inpatient care with virtual care

Author Peters, Guido

Number A-9

Title Building the capabilities of Saudi Arabia healthcare transformation leaders

Author Alismail, Dina

Number B-8

Title Catalan integrated home care: key elements, challenges for organizations and improvement proposals.

Author Canovas, Joan

Number C-29

Title Catalonia's care model for rare diseases

Author Mallol, Cristina

Number B-10

Title Change of care model for hospitalized newborn, the patient as the center of responsible innovation

Author Saelices Prellezo, Alicia

Number B-11

Title Changes in psychological and physical symptoms in adult oncology patients after the performance of hospital clowns.

Author Casellas, Anna

Number B-12

Title Characteristics of patients with Dementia or cognitive impairment through hospitalization process in Traumatology

Author Casafont, Claudia

Number C-12

Title Chronic patient program evaluation in chronic heart failure patients

Author Redrado, Xavier Martret

Number B-13

Title Citizen Participation Council: listening the community voice as a tool for proximity management

Author Martínez López, Juan Antonio

Number B-14

Title Clinical engineering accelerating global health system digital health implementation

Author Judd, Thomas

Number A-10

Title Clinical Laboratory Centralization: An experience, from need to success

Author Mota, Jóni

Number B-15

Title Clinical medical education challenges and innovations during COVID-19

Author Al Raisi, Umaima Mahmood

Number A-11

Title Club Benchmarking La Unió, lessons learned from an experience of 15 years identifying healthcare providers best practices from the comparison

Author Pascal Riera, Pere

Number C-13

Title Combining healthcare solutions for Cataract surgery. An incremental benefit analysis from a Portuguese public hospital perspective

Author Pérez, álvaro

Number A-12

Title Commitment of La Unió to the 2030 Agenda

Author Massó Marigot, Vanessa

Number B-16

Title Comparison of Face-Touching and Smartphone touching Behaviors Before and after Personal hygiene reminder During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Author Wu, Chengjung

Number C-14

Title Comparison of the indicators of nursing diagnoses in people with ID and people with ID and ASD.

Author Baena Valls, Josep

Number B-17

Title Computer traceability in surgical services with piece-by-piece datamatrix marking

Author Garcia, Nuria

Number A-13

Title Concentration in public health service: Impact on outcomes of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) repair

Author Pueyo, Maria

Number C-15

Title Coordination between services in the diagnosis and treatment of ferropenic anemia

Author Pérez González, Meritxell

Number C-16

Title COPD and Voice: Transforming healthcare through Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Author Andrés, Erik

Number A-14

Title Could we reduced the mean length of stay in the hospital in hip fragility fractures? Lessons learned with COVID-19 pandemic

Author Mazeda, Carolina

Number C-18

Title COVID-19 as a driver for change: Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy Proximity (HOPP) Program @ CHULC (Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Central)

Author Chantre, Raquel

Number B-18

Title COVID-19 management support tools for healthcare employees

Author Moya, Francesc

Number C-17

Title COVID19 patient coordination for hospitals registry

Author Pecko, Piotr

Number A-15

Title Creation of a support program for healthcare professionals: figures of first, second and third victims of a safety incident

Author Fidel Kinori, Sara Guila

Number B-19

Title Data management and digital transformation to face COVID-19

Author Peña, Marta

Number A-16

Title Deploy the strategy step by step to achieve value. Hoshin kanri, the tool True North in the Consorci Sanitari de l'Alt Penedès I Garraf (CSAPG)

Author Simón Pérez, Rosa M.

Number C-4

Title Development, validation and implementation of a real-time ethical decision support tool for allocation of hospital resources in a COVID-19 setting

Author De Waele, Elisabeth

Number B-20

Title Do all patients treated with Mitraclip need to be admitted to ICU?

Author Berga Congost, Gemma

Number A-61

Title Doctor for every citizen'. Dubai's journey to telehealth

Author Alsayegh, Khulood Mohamed Hussain Ibrahim

Number A-17

Title Door to balloon time < 90 minutes for primary PCI patient before & after COVID-19 pandemic in Awal Bros Hospital

Author Pradesa, Dirga

Number C-19

Title Drive-through pacemaker remote interrogation outside the hospital building

Author Villuendas, Roger

Number C-20

Title E-health to trigger change and create massive impact

Author Botero Ruge, María Catalina

Number A-18

Title e-Prestacions: Online prescription and delivery of orthotic and prosthetic supplies and devices (e-Renderings)

Author Teixido, Victoria

Number A-19

Title Early discharge post PCI in Adult cardiology ward

Author Al Hajri, Ruqaya

Number B-21

Title Early initiation of occupational and physical therapy facilitates prompt discharge planning resulting in decreased length of stay during COVID-19 pandemic

Author Palle, Srilekha

Number C-21

Title Effects of prospective payment system on hospital behavior : Comparison of hospital cost of breast cancer chemotherapy in Indonesia

Author Puspandari, Diah Ayu

Number C-22

Title Efficacy of a nurse intervention on the emotional impact of siblings of patients admitted to a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Author Otero Arus, Carla

Number B-22

Title Empowering patients with acquired brain damage by designing a tool for rehabilitation therapy ownership at Vall d'Hebron University Hospital

Author Martínez, Georgina

Number C-24

Title Empowering chronically constipated Spinal Cord Injured patients by allowing them to take control over their bowel management

Author Herrero-Fresneda, Immaculada

Number B-23

Title Empowering health professionals on the spiritual non religious dimension of care, an innovative model

Author Pons, Sara

Number B-24

Title Empowering human resources management with AI

Author Munuera Mora, Jose

Number B-25

Title Empowerment: School in the hospital for patients, parents and caregivers

Author Gutiérrez, Montserrat

Number B-26

Title Enhace interpersonal relationships to promote professional enrichment

Author Rodríguez, Matilde

Number B-27

Title Establishment of peer review system in Tokushukai Group Hospitals in Japan- 3 year results

Author Nakagawa, Hidemitsu

Number A-20

Title Evaluation of a digitalized data registration system and vital constant taking at the bedside

Author Aristayeta, Andrés

Number A-21

Title Evaluation of the breast care nurse at the Catalan Institute of Oncology

Author Rodriguez-Ortega, Ana

Number C-25

Title Fair and efficient distribution of COVID-19 vaccines: issues for academic institutions training health professionals

Author Vazquez, Dharma

Number C-26

Title Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic at Augusta Victoria Hospital: Experience gained and lessons learned

Author Taha, Hania

Number B-28

Title Finding familial hypercholesterolemia- Phenotype in health system using massive data analysis

Author Zamora, Alberto

Number A-22

Title Frailty unit: Adapting the hospital to the needs of patients

Author Cantero Cano, Montserrat

Number C-28

Title Frequency of referral by continous care teams in nursing home

Author Trujillo, ángela

Number B-29

Title Generating big data: towards global coding of clinical records for assistance, teaching and research

Author Danés Vilar, Cristina

Number A-23

Title Health literacy in Chronic Diseases in Portugal: evaluation and health care services utilization.

Author Pedro, Ana Rita

Number B-31

Title Healthcare transitions as an improvement opportunity to manage advanced chronic disease patients

Author Sola, Joan

Number B-85

Title Hospital care transformation in mental health to adults with intellectual disabilities and psychiatric disorders

Author Peña-Salazar, Carlos

Number C-30

Title Hospital experience in the introduction of an electronic tool for the registration of the Adequacy of Life Support Treatments (ATSV)

Author Rubio, Olga

Number B-33

Title Hospital pain units in the Catalan network of public hospitals: re-planning the portfolio of services and quality

Author Torné, Elvira

Number C-31

Title Hospital users experience in the Catalan health system: A transforming tool

Author Jiménez, Josep

Number C-32

Title Hospital-based palliative care: Do we need a new approach?

Author Fatkulina, Natalja

Number C-33

Title How is End of Life addressed in the long-term care health sector and nursing homes for dependent people sectors?

Author Romero, Pepa

Number B-34

Title Humanising hospital admissions: a challenge for the professional

Author Gonzalo, Mª José

Number B-35

Title Humanization in hospital care, a tool for emotional well-being and for improving Health

Author Raich, Antònia

Number A-24

Title Identifying research priorities for public hospital management in Iran: Use of CHNRI method

Author Abdi, Zhaleh

Number C-34

Title Immerse, learn, relax: Interactive virtual reality experiences

Author Monistrol, Olga

Number A-25

Title Impact of a mobile health application (“App”) on clinical outcome and satisfaction of older HIV-infected patients as an emerging tool for care, education and prevention

Author Puig, Jordi

Number A-26

Title Impact of a multimodal intervention on complice with enviromental cleaning. Quasi experimental study

Author Porta Naharro, Carolina

Number B-36

Title Impact of populist policies on medical traveler trends at a United States Academic Medical Center

Author Desai, Shoma

Number C-35

Title Impacts of automated dispensing cabinets in surgical units

Author Chuan Wang, Shuw

Number A-27

Title Implementation of access initiatives for pharmaceutical innovations in CatSalut

Author Guarga, Laura

Number C-37

Title Implementation of an advanced practice consultation in Neonatal pediatrics

Author Izco, Mayte

Number C-36

Title Implementation of pilot program for the telematic follow-up of patients with Thoracic cancer in an early palliative care outpatients' unit

Author Gonzalez-Barboteo, Jesus

Number B-37

Title Implementing an assigned mentoring program during the medical oncology training: Prospective experience at the Catalan Institute of Oncology, Badalona, Spain

Author Moran, Teresa

Number B-38

Title Implementing patient blood management in hospital: a benchmarking tool to adopt high-value practices

Author Basora, Misericordia

Number C-38

Title Improving inpatient nursing assessment: a multifaceted intervention

Author Adamuz, Jordi

Number C-39

Title Improving medication safety with e-paper tag technology in unit-dose medication distribution system

Author Chang, Ya-Wen

Number A-28

Title Improving the adoption of innovation in acute trust - A report from our fieldwork in five English hospitals

Author Stubbs, Richard

Number C-40

Title Improving the quality of care of cancer patients training HCP’s via a Virtual Immuno-Oncology Knowledge HUB (VIKHI)

Author Sedano, Ana

Number B-39

Title Improving the quality of life and empowerment of our patients with ischemic heart disease

Author González, Bàrbara

Number B-40

Title Improving the surgical area efficiency using a Lean approach: The Overall Surgery Effectiveness (OSE)

Author Farré, Alex

Number C-41

Title Incorporation of the patient experience in the redesign of Intensive Care (ICU) process

Author Aguayo álvarez, Marta

Number B-41

Title Influence of Ultrasound Diagnostic Equipment Pursuing Convenience on Management

Author Misawa, Rie

Number A-29

Title Innovative technologies to increase the donation and transplantation rates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: I-DTI & QUORUM: The Saudi Arabia experience.

Author Arredondo, Estephan

Number C-42

Title Integrated care of chronic kidney disease – An innovative shared care experience

Author Fernandez-Llama, Patricia

Number C-43

Title Integrating medical resources to provide comprehensive services regarding health- promotion through diet

Author Lin, Ching-Feng

Number C-44

Title Integrating sustainability in the health and care management. Case Study: 30% reduction of water consumption by recirculation

Author Fuster, Anna

Number C-45

Title Intelligent prediction of patient recovery based on Tele-Rehabilitation exercising

Author Modrego, Adriana

Number A-31

Title Interactive map of hospital beds as a clinical decision support tool

Author Ibañez, Josep-Maria

Number A-32

Title Key factors for the design and implementation of management innovation systems in healthcare organizations

Author Medarde, Elena

Number C-46

Title Key role of nursing in chaos management during the COVID19 pandemic in a county hospital.

Author Sancliment, Silvia

Number C-47

Title Knowledge management linked to strategy in a public health institution

Author Gomar Sánchez, Pau

Number C-48

Title La Meva Salut (My Health): a digital, personal and non-transferable space for personal health information, health assistance and interface with the Catalan Health System

Author Garcia, Elisabet

Number A-33

Title Lean methodology value

Author Arranz Betegon, Angela

Number B-42

Title Lean SPRInT: A management tool for initiating Lean in public hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Author Naidoo, Logandran

Number A-34

Title Lessons learned in a health institution during the first wave of COVID-19

Author Fresno Gonzalez, Cristina

Number B-43

Title Leveraging Spanish real-world hospital care data to understand intraocular lens material influence on Nd:YAG capsulotomy incidence after cataract surgery

Author O'Boyle, Derek

Number A-35

Title Making stakeholder's co-creation innovation happen: Platform for Innovation of Procurement and Procurement of Innovation (PiPPI)

Author Lopez Torres, Daniel

Number C-49

Title Management of Health Technology – Lessons Learned from COVID-19

Author David, Yadin

Number C-50

Title Mental health and prisons: a new tool

Author Fontán Abeijón, Andrea

Number B-45

Title Mobile application for patients undergoing aortic valve surgery

Author Perez-Ortega, Silvia

Number A-36

Title Multimodal rehabilitation and enhanced recovery after surgery patient centered

Author Macia-Placin, Marina

Number B-46

Title Mutuam Residential care teams: success of a collaborative intervention to reduce hospital emergency transfers from nursing home residents

Author López-Matons, Nuria

Number C-51

Title Neuropsychological rehabilitation program for patients with Post-COVID-19 syndrome: A clinical experience

Author García-Molina, Alberto

Number A-37

Title Non-pharmacological therapy procedures to reduce patient’s post-surgical pain in Awal Bros Pekanbaru Hospital

Author Adriana, Gina

Number C-53

Title Nurse experience in the use of the 'Alexia'' mobile device in clinical practice'

Author Alsina-Ribas, Anna

Number A-38

Title Nurses perspectives on factors affecting implementation of continuous monitoring with wireless wearable sensors in clinical practice

Author Kooij, Laura

Number A-39

Title Optimization of safe utilization of COVID-19 medication

Author Salim Albarwani, Umkulthum

Number C-54

Title Optimization of the value-based healthcare in the follow-up of women with breast cancer in Portugal

Author Ferreira Bandarra, Margarida

Number B-48

Title Organization of home rehabilitation in catalonia as a suport for discharge from hospital in older patients

Author Closa, Conxita

Number B-49

Title Ostomized patient group at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona; training expert patients.

Author Vilares Marrondo, Patricia

Number B-50

Title Patient safety and nursing practice environment

Author Granados, Montse

Number C-55

Title Patients and their relatives: Lived experience during first-wave COVID-19

Author Querol Vallés, Elena

Number B-51

Title Patients isolated for infection control: Experiences as a generator of change. A phenomenological research.

Author Estrada, Maria

Number B-52

Title Personalized medicine by predictive modeling in stroke for better quality of life (PRECISE4Q H2020 project): First results

Author Garcia-Rudolph, Alejandro

Number A-41

Title Podcasting in orthopedic surgery: improving professional empowerment

Author Lalanza, Mireia

Number B-53

Title Postoperative care experience of a intestinal adhesion school-age patient

Author Ding, Shu Fen

Number B-54

Title Practicum in health management. Professionalize health management

Author Santiago, Noelia

Number B-55

Title Pre marital screening program , Ministry of Health and Prevention United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Author Abdalla, Naseem

Number C-57

Title Precision and security of big data triangulation for HIV programs: Palantir Foundry in PEPFAR-supported countries

Author Prieto, José Tomás

Number A-42

Title Predicting the risk of coronary heart disease under Familial Hypercholesterolemia by machine learning

Author López, Beatriz

Number A-43

Title Predicting the risk of falls in Mental Health hospitalisation, in patient safety setting

Author Ventosa, Ana

Number C-56

Title Primary or reference nurse allocation system in the oncology hematology pediatric unit

Author Lahuerta, Laura

Number B-56

Title PROA Project. How can a computer program improve the management of antibiotic use?

Author Murgadella-Sancho, Anna

Number A-44

Title Professionals as key drivers of a new patient-centered model in serving people with dependency

Author Nicolas, Teresa

Number B-86

Title Program for the promotion and development of artificial intelligence in the health system of Catalonia

Author Ausso Trias, Susanna

Number A-45

Title Program of Technological Rehabilitation Nursing (+PERTO)

Author Rodrigues, Elsa

Number A-46

Title Programme for comprehensive care for people with advances diseases

Author Montoliu-Valls, Rosa M

Number C-58

Title Project PANACEA: Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center (OCSC) response to Covid-19 pandemic

Author Gamalia, Zoe

Number B-57

Title Project to improve accessibility from primary care to a hematology service

Author Ortín, Xavier

Number B-58

Title Project “CEREBRO”: Provision of value based care based on risk share agreements

Author Petsios, Konstantinos

Number C-59

Title Promoting a child rights-based approach in hospitals through international collaboration

Author McIntosh, Jennifer

Number B-59

Title Promoting patient safety by implementing intelligent coding and reporting systems for adverse drug reactions

Author Liao, Chieh-Yu

Number A-47

Title Quality expansion in a private 3rd level hospital. Peer learning

Author Guzmán Fernández, Marta

Number C-60

Title Quality versus quantity in ocular tissue transplants

Author Padró, Lydia

Number A-48

Title Rapid adoption of virtual breast care nursing consultation in breast screening during the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Author Bayles, Sharron

Number B-60

Title Red blood cells transfusion in a home hospitalization unit of an urban tertiary hospital

Author Ibañez, Begoña

Number B-61

Title Reducing hospital readmissions using mobile integrated healthcare-community paramedicine

Author Ash, John

Number C-61

Title Reporting aggregated data on essential drugs in the COVID-19 pandemic: a tool to prevent stock-out and improve medicines management

Author Garcia, Virginia

Number A-49

Title Responding to COVID19 in the social health area. The connect emotions project.

Author Sanz, Sandra

Number B-62

Title Review of inadequate monitoring in the emergency room

Author Vallverdú, Helena

Number C-62

Title Revolution for Resilience: Serendipity or Necessity? A study on Implementing patient centered strategy in a private hospital in East Africa

Author Osoro-Mbui, Joan

Number B-63

Title Risk factors for acquiring health care-associated infections among patients admitted to subacute care units in Catalonia (2011-2019)

Author Limon, Enric

Number C-63

Title Robotization of cytostatic preparation: 4 years of experience

Author Rey, Montse

Number A-50

Title Safeguard psychiatric patients on second generation antipsychotic from metabolic risks by concurrent medication checking and patient tagging

Author Chan, Joyce Ka Yin

Number A-51

Title Satisfaction Survey: Valuing the Child's voice as a Humanization Strategy

Author Rehem, Renilson

Number B-64

Title Sharing what we do: benchmarking and comparing helps to promote best practices in fall prevention in hospital settings

Author Reyes Ramos, María José

Number C-64

Title Simulation model for the training of caregivers of patients with dementia

Author Lora, Maria

Number B-65

Title Stroke Golden Hour

Author Altair, Yousef

Number A-52

Title Successfully implementing a new software using profound empirical knowledge of the target group.

Author Schmidt-Logenthiran, Tobias

Number B-66

Title Supporting staff perceptions of barriers to care within the first week of work in Hong Kong Public Hospital (PYNEH)

Author Leung, Wing Shan Sandy

Number B-67

Title Synchronous telemedicine in urgent pediatric care between a rural and highlyspecialized hospital in Catalonia; a proof of concept

Author Forcada, Anna

Number A-53

Title Taking care of caregivers: The 20-year pioneer experience of The Galatea Model for health professionals

Author Braquehais, María Dolores

Number B-68

Title TECUIDE Project

Author Fernandez, Mercedes

Number B-69

Title Telemedicine in Ophthalmology and the COVID-19 pandemic: Moving from theory into practice

Author Dziekan, Kristina

Number A-54

Title Territorial re-planning of general surgery services: a Catalan example of hospital integration

Author Pons-Vigués, Mariona

Number C-65

Title The Adjusted Morbidity Groups (GMA): an exhaustive and severity-balanced tool for risk assessment

Author Valero-Bover, Damià

Number B-70

Title The challenge of person-centered care as a professional competence. Healthcare Humanization

Author Fontanet, Gisel

Number B-71

Title The challenge of treating acute psychiatric disorders at home. A collaborative work between hospital, community services, and users.

Author Martín-Blanco, Ana

Number B-72

Title The Children Council as a means of participation in a children’s hospital.

Author Navarro, Maria Dolors

Number B-73

Title The contribution of architecture in transforming healthcare in an ageing world: Hospital Verge del Toro, Menorca, Spain

Author Gato Blanco, Bernat Manel

Number B-74

Title The effective ways of to improve the engagement of future managers

Author Gil, Maria Emilia

Number B-75

Title The effectiveness of online training In Awal Bros Panam Hospital from final examination persepective in the pandemic era

Author Setiasih, Putri Ingen

Number A-55

Title The implantation of visual management system to improve patient flow in the National heart centre acute wards

Author Al Shahi, Safiya

Number B-76

Title The nursing experience of a Guillain-Barre syndrome patient weaning from ventilator

Author Chang, Shuju

Number C-67

Title The power of big data mining to improve the health care system in the United Arab Emirates

Author Alhajaj, Khawla

Number A-56

Title The relationship between producing health and contextual factors across countries: A Panel Data Analysis

Author Mehdi Kiani, Mohammad

Number C-69

Title The union of new roles nurses the road to follow to the future

Author Tarjuelo del Alamo, Rebeca

Number B-77

Title The value of leadership in pandemic times

Author Ferreira Gregório, Susana Rute

Number B-78

Title The “Essential” recommendation of treating preoperative anemia in surgical elective procedures with bleeding risk is an important tool for improving healthcare quality in Catalonia Hospitals

Author Bisbe, Elvira

Number C-66

Title The “Results Centre” of the Catalan healthcare system: A tool for transparency, benchmarking, and healthcare quality improvement

Author García-Altés, Anna

Number C-68

Title Transformation of the health ecosystem through the creation of an Association of Nursing Directors

Author Cucala Rovira, Meritxell

Number B-79

Title Transforming a Regional Hospital using a inter-professional, cross-functional management approach with favorable cost, quality and efficiency outcomes

Author Vosloo, Elbie

Number C-70

Title Transversal project of Tobacco disability in patients entered in a hospital of Second level of Catalonia

Author Rofes, Lourdes

Number B-80

Title Treatment of solid cancer tumors: impact of clinical research on the sustainability of the healthcare system

Author Carreras, Maria-Josep

Number C-71

Title Two-Stage estimation of the impact of contextual variables on technical efficiency using data envelopment analysis in public hospitals of Iran

Author Mohamadi, Efat

Number B-81

Title U.C.A.M. – Unidade Clínica Ambulatório Médico - a new concept for ambulatory care in internal medicine

Author Martins, Filipe

Number C-72

Title Using automated machine learning in classifying quantitative Hepatitis B virus DNA laboratory results for better clinical care

Author Sze, Sena Yan Yan

Number A-57

Title Using information systems as a quality management tool to enhance both the staff and patient experience

Author Fumas, Angels

Number A-58

Title Using real-time data to equitably distribute nursing care among inpatients. An economic perspective.

Author Vidal-Serra, Rafel Xavier

Number A-59

Title Using smart technology to extract the NHI PharmaCloud system in the discharge medication integration service in a Taiwan medical center.

Author Chen, Yen Fu

Number B-82

Title Utility of Augmented reality (AR) peri-operation education app in surgical ward to enhance cardiorespiratory profiles and satisfaction of patients

Author Yang, Ying-Ying

Number C-73

Title Value added support for humanizing people care

Author Romero, Pepa

Number B-83

Title Virtual nurse visit of Hepatic pathologies-Referral of patients for follow-up to the nurse advanced practice

Author Lao, Cristina

Number B-84

Title What is the scope of Advanced Practice Nursing in Catalonia?

Author Zabalegui, Adelaida

Number C-74

Title xCARE: A framework for supporting smart,value-based and integrated healthcare

Author Miralles, Felip

Number A-60

Title “FarmaClic”: a project beyond a simple request! Computerization of medication request from medication Kardex

Author Sala, Nuria

Number C-27